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2014 CHRISTMAS PARTY for all PABPA Members and their Guests!

PABPA, Inc. CHRISTMAS PARTY for all Members and their Guests!

Please join us for PABPA Christmas Party: Saturday, Dec 13th at 7:00 pm at the Polish National Home in Hartford. This gathering is replacing our members meeting that month.

Our PABPA organization is taking a leading role and inviting other selected distinguished Polish-American organizations to join us at the PNH in Christmas spirit of unity, cooperation and well-wishing and yes, some really great time! J It will be a Christmas Party you won’t want to miss!


And that's what's waiting for you when you come to PABPA Inc. Christmas Party Next Saturday December 13th at 6PM. Come see newly renovated dinning hall at the Polish National Home of Hartford! You'll love it! RSVP by Dec. 6th to PABPAINC@GMAIL.COM or call Bogusia, Tel. 860 883-2277.

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